Monday, March 18, 2013

A New Fish Tank. Almost Mine.

This weekend, my exciting task was helping my friend buy and set up a fish tank for her children. They are roughly 2 and 4. Adorable and sweet. I am 34. Obsessed with fish. A fantastic combination for a Sunday morning.

First, we head off to my favourite place to buy good healthy fish. Monkey Fountain Nursery, in Linden, where 1st Avenue meets Bram Fischer Drive. (WAIT! Their actual address is 2 Bram Fischer Drive, Pine Park). Their pet shop is amazing. We're not buying fish yet, but I like supporting them so they'll stay in business and continue to supply me with healthy fish. We get a tank stand, a light, a lid, and then head off to my second favourite pet shop just down the road on 1st Avenue for the actual tank, and some plants. Their water plants are on steroids. Then we're off to their home to rearrange the lounge furniture and set up the tank. Granny is there. Granny worries the tank stand is rusty. She also worries we didn't get a discount. She is concerned that the gravel I bring is dirty (from an old tank, very important for happy bacterial balance), and gasps out loud - I swear I saw her flinch - when I dump a tupperware full of dirty water from my tank's filter into the new tank.

Don't worry granny, all will be well.

It's a fabulous shortcut to creating a happy bacterial balance so fish can thrive. The biggest mistake one can make with a fish tank is keeping it too clean. Fish need bacteria to thrive, they need a bit of muck, and plants need nitrogen to find their happy place.

The kids were thrilled. The little girl - 2-ish - drew me about 500 original artworks to take home with me. Including a picture of 7 eyes. Amazing. The little boy drew me some pictures, but I wasn't allowed to keep them. Weird kid. He pulled out the underwater camera to take some photos of the fish house I gave them. He also showed me a photo of the puddle of wee his sister had left on the carpet. Charming. Kids. Can't wait.

The end result is a small starter tank which has brightened up the lounge; and when the fish are in, will provide hours of entertainment for two little kids who are completely animal-obsessed.

Later that afternoon, when the water filter had done its job and everything had settled down, mom sent me this picture:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yesterday's Bowl

Last night I picked up my latest bowl from Pottery class. I used a different glaze for the inside and the outside. Quite a beautiful effect. The glaze that I used on the inside has a tendency to run, and pool, and drip, and where it does this in thick bits, it goes metallic. Very pretty. The glaze on the outside is super shiny, like almost a khaki green, and slightly transparent.

Monday, March 4, 2013

New Glazes

I went to a Ceramics Day in Joburg on Saturday. I demonstrated the way I make my pots at my teacher's table, and I also bought these incredible glazes. With crazy chaotic splotches. I can't wait to use them. I am going to make bowls that look like universes.

Buffy vs The Doggy Door

Whilst cleaning up my phone, I found this video of Buffy when she was still a puppy, having a fight with the doggy door. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!

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