Friday, November 11, 2011


Although I painted this a long time ago, I felt like posting it. I love this shark. He is so scary, but so cute at the same time. Do you see the blood on his teeth? And yet he seems to be . . . smiling. Friendly-like. You know?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bad-ass Bird

I just watched an olive thrush pick an earthworm out of the mud and chop him into little pieces with his beak. Like a worm salad. Then swallow the squirming earthworm bits up one at a time. Really relishing him, and eating it slowly. Delicious?

Or, actually, he could have been thinking "shit goddamn I really wish I had a pizza".

Who knows?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Forgot

Wow. I forgot I had this blog. Life got crazy. I will now use it again.

This quite nice. In December, I took these photos for a bead man who we know quite well because we holiday in Knysna every Christmas, and he has his store right outside the place we stay. His name is Evans. He used to be an art teacher in Zimbabwe before a whole bunch of teachers lost their jobs and he couldn't find work, so he came to South Africa, and ended up selling beaded animals and things to tourists. Anyway, I had this wicked idea. I took photos of all the big animals he has. Then I printed them and put them into a photo album. Now he has a book of reference animals that people can order from when he doesn't have any on display. He smsed me in January to say that it's working wonders for his business.

That makes me happy.

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