Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back At Work And Trying

Sheesh, but starting up this year has taken a long while. It's Wednesday, I have been back since Monday, I HAVE work to do. A lot of it, actually. But I am just dicking around. Facebooking, blogging, emailing, skyping.

I have a really fun job. I have no reason to be dodging it. I just wanna.

Is everyone having the same problem? Is it because last year was so damn hard?

I am in my slip slops and my wafty summer clothes, I feel like heading off to the beach. Taking my afternoon nap. Drinking beer all day. (I could probably get away with that on the job). Anything but sit here indoors, staring at the day through a dirty window. (why is my window so fucking dirty?)

I think I'll watch a movie. What do I have here in my office?

Crooklyn - An utterly crap movie.
The Transporter - Awesome fun.
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas - Brilliant. But I don't feel like watching that.
Gleaming The Cube - Remember that movie? It is still awesome.
Pi - Yes. I think I'll watch it. A beautiful film.

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