Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In The Traffic

Stop starting through the traffic, I was handed this pamphlet by some beady-eyed guy, in a secretive green envelope. (The pamphlet was in the green envelope. Not the beady-eyed guy). Of course I took it. I had to know what kind of advertising had to be concealed in an envelope.

That was very sneaky, Sangoma-Man.

I scanned in both sides. And please, Mr Sangoma-Man, don't be cross with me and curse me. This is free advertising on the world wide web! Go speak to your ancestors. They are sure to tell you this is a great idea.


Romy said...

Hi! You left a comment on my blog, so I'm returning the favour. I see you also work in advertising. Are you in Jo'burg, and which company do you work for?

And most importantly, what type of novel are you writing, and is it your first? I'm onto my third, with one not unexpected rejection. Hoping the current one if the one that makes the break through!

Feel free to email me on romy @ sommer . co . za if you'd prefer, rather than via the blogs.

babbler said...

Your blog rocks, I have read quite a few entries, and I just want you to know that I have been here for a visit, I am now following your blog with great interest, and I thank you from the bottom of my gooey slick belly for taking the time to read about the adventures of Mr. Slug and friends. I enjoyed reading about the music video you made, I have been a pro musician for many years, pro meaning that I actually made my living at it, so I can appreciate the entire scenario. Thanks for a good read! Success with your book too, your writing is enjoyable! Love, Mrs. Slug oxox and a tail wag

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